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Qasr Al Sarab Renovation
Art Light's personalised approach beautified every section of this extraordinary locale. Their diverse array of brass lighting solutions—comprising chandeliers, floor lamps, and wall lamps—transformed each space, adding an extra layer of elegance and charm. The seamless integration of Art Light's craftsmanship amplified the traditional luxury that permeates throughout Qasr Al Sarab, elevating its ambiance and captivating visitors with a timeless aesthetic. 
Mubarak Bin Ghanim Al Ketbi – Abu Dhabi 
In Abu Dhabi's Mubarak Bin Ghanim Al Ketbi, Art Light orchestrated the installation of chandeliers, wall lamps, and ceiling lamps, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere within the space. The mosque is graced by a three-layered, flower-shaped magnificent chandelier, adorned with hundreds of smaller glistening lamps, rendering the environment conducive and serene for worshippers' spiritual reverence. 
Kech Mahal Restaurant 
The Kech Mahal Restaurant in Dubai holds a special place as one of Art Light's most beloved projects. Each lighting element, from wall lights to outdoor fixtures, ceiling lamps, and chandeliers, carries its distinct narrative, crafted uniquely. Art Light's contribution extended to over six distinct light types, featuring large ceiling lamps, signature chandeliers, bespoke logo-shaped wall lights, and projection lights. Through this diverse lighting ensemble, Art Light revolutionized the lighting landscape of Kech Mahal, allowing the restaurant to narrate its story through the artistry of light. 
Martyr Sami Mohammad Al Marzooqi Masjid 
At the Martyr Sami Mohammad Al Marzooqi Mosque, Art Light's installation included a resplendent larger-than-life crystal chandelier, radiating with the sparkle of thousands of crystals resembling celestial stars. Alongside this central fixture, four smaller chandeliers were placed in each corner, accompanied by wall lights and outdoor ceiling lamps, showcasing Art Light's expertise in enhancing the mosque's ambiance. Notably, the mosque's exterior was beautified by bespoke traditional lamp posts, adding intricate details and traditional charm to the surroundings. 
Art Light's installation at AL-ABRAR MASJID in Abu Dhabi included two distinct types of chandeliers, each available in two sizes. One variation showcased a triple-layered halo-like chandelier embellished with smaller lamps, while the exterior of the mosque was adorned with a timeless classic antique brass chandelier crafted by Art Light. Complementing this were wall lights, ceiling lamps, and other fixtures, collectively beautifying the entire mosque in the distinct style synonymous with Art Light's craftsmanship. 
Al Eman Al Nawwawi Mosque – Abu Dhabi 
Installed within the Al Eman Al Nawwawi Mosque in Abu Dhabi, Art Light's triple-layered star-shaped chandelier stands as a radiant masterpiece. This best-selling chandelier is celebrated for its intricate traditional detailing, perfectly balanced with a contemporary appeal through its distinctive shape. Its presence adds a unique blend of tradition and modernity, enhancing the mosque's grandeur and beauty. 
Fadil Saif Alkaabi Masjid – Al Ain
The Fadil Saif Alkaabi Mosque situated in Al Ain proudly displays one of Art Light's most unique creations: halo-like chandeliers that undeniably steal the spotlight. These chandeliers, sleek, modern, and remarkably magnificent, adorn every corner of the mosque, imparting a distinctive and captivating ambiance throughout the sacred space. 
Bulgari Residences Dubai 
At Bulgari Residences in Dubai, Art Light undertook a distinctive lighting project, marking it as a standout endeavour. Departing from their typical signature brass lamps, this installation showcased an extraordinary combination of deep gold brass lamps and multicoloured glass lights. The amalgamation of these elements transported the ambiance into a scenic Moroccan setting, offering a unique and captivating experience. 
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